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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Speed & Angels

Did you like the movie Top Gun as much as I did growing up?

It was a toss up between Top Gun and The Karate Kid for me. Those were my two favorite movies. I used to be able to recite every line from both of those films... word for word. Those two movies made me want to be a crazy fighter pilot and a skinny kid that could whoop some ass with karate.

I was always playing with my metal F-14 Tomcat as if I were in there flying the plane from the inside. I used to sit in the back seat of the car on road trips with that thing and watch the background move by the plane at an amazing speed. My Dad and I used to sit on over sized decorative railings in front of skyscraper buildings in downtown Houston... one would sit in front of the other. We would pretend we were Maverick and Goose. (Somehow, my Dad always made me play Goose.) I used to wear headbands just like Daniel Lerusso in his final battle with Johnny Lawrence. My crane technique couldn't be touched! I wanted to be both Daniel and Maverick.

Well, my parents let me take some karate lessons...

...which I ended up doing for most of my childhood through the middle of my high school career. And I never did get to fly a damn plane. Oh, how I wish it were the other way around.

... where am I going with this?

I just watched this documentary, "Speed & Angels," on Hulu. It takes you through the lives of two young pilots, from the training to the battlefield. It gives you a little peak into what it really takes to become one of the few to fly these beautiful machines. Think of all the visuals in Top Gun, when they're flying... You get the same thing here, but much more of it. Speed & Angels is Top Gun minus the dramatization.

and it's just pretty darn cool. word.

(great review, mikey.)

whatever... give it a look if you like that sort of thing...


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