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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Carlyle.R. (NextDayPair)

My friend Car has been doing a project involving his extensive sneaker collection. He's one of the OG sneaker heads and was one of the original guys to bring the sneaker culture up to what it is today through sites like Fixins.com and events such as the original Soled Out.

So basically, he's wearing a different pair of sneakers from his collection every day for a year. Saucony did an little interview on him earlier in the month. The interview's posted below.

Check him out here...
Link to article: http://www.teamsaucony-originals.com/as-seen-here/2009/06/05/meet-nextdaypair/

(Car and his wife Tami.)


We recently started following NextDayPair on Twitter. We’re fascinated with his self declared project to wear a different pair of sneakers every day for 365 days straight. We offered him a pair of Saucony Originals to help him on his mission & asked him a few questions to beguile our curious minds.

What inspired you to begin this 365 challenge of wearing a different pair of shoes every day?
I’ve wanted to do this for a while, because people would always ask, “how many shoes do you own?” and I would reply with, “honestly, I really don’t know… probably enough to last at least a year if I wore them all”. I always wanted to try to do a blog about it but was always hesitant because I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to have internet access everyday. Thanks to the iPhone, and the tumblr app, I know I’ll have internet access everyday and that I can post from anywhere and it goes directly to Twitter. That gave me the piece of mind to know I could probably pull this off.

Did you already own 365 unique pairs when you started?
I’ve always assumed I could last a year, but I’ve never truly counted. I’ve done rough estimates to make sure, but I will never really know until I’m done. While going through this so far, I’ve found out that I have a lot of Deadstock sneakers, and that will be the hard part if I have to go into my DeadStock Reserve to complete the project. I’m going with the assumption that I have 365 pairs though. Anything I acquire within this year I add an extra day to my total. So if I got a new pair and posted it this year it would no longer be 365, but 366 days… and so forth and so on.

What got you interested in collecting sneakers?
I was always interested in sneakers, even as a kid. But I really didn’t start “amassing” sneakers until about 10 years ago. Ten years later, I still don’t know how I got to this point. I’m not a collector of a certain brand or style. I collect what I like and unfortunately/fortunately I like a lot. If I think hard, I guess it started with basketball, my friends and I would get together after work and play and it was like a damn sneaker party. You always had to come strong, because wack kicks were not tolerated. I always tried to come different every time I showed up. I guess it just snowballed from there.

Have you done anything crazy to get a pair you really wanted?
I don’t really camp or do crazy extreme things to get sneakers. I figure, if I can’t get them, then it wasn’t meant to be. I did do something crazy to make a point, although, I don’t know who I was making the point to. When the Supreme Dunk Sb came out, my friend and I tried to get a pair through retail. It ended being some big fiasco and they eventually were sold out and sold for like 500 bucks. So to make a point, I went on a sneaker binge, using that money to buy as many kicks as I could with that amount. I think I finished the day with about 10 pairs. Ten pairs to 1, I thought it was a pretty good day.

Where did you purchase the Japanese camo’s you wore on 6/2?
Ever since I pulled out the box, I’ve been trying to recall. It has a sticker on it with a barcode, and that’s all I have to go by. It’s either undefeated, neo39 or shoe biz. I could be totally wrong, but I think it was one of those 3.
What’s the hottest pair of Saucony Originals you’ve seen?
I’m a huge Hangtime fan, so the hottest pair would be a pair of those in a colorway that I’ve created ;). Aside from that, there are quite a few I’ve wanted to get my hands on, and slipped… The Black/Brown Pony hair hangtime lows are still one of the dopest (I’ve nicknamed them Han Solo/Chewbacca) , there’s a pair of Gray hangime skate shoes with a neon green pop that I’ve wanted, and there’s a blue and yellow Courageous TR, I guess that’s the trail version of the courageous. I regret not picking up any of the tweed hangtimes as well… Can you tell I like hangtimes? They’re one of my all time favorite sneakers. I got a few pairs yet to put on the site.

Which sneaker blogs do you follow? Favorites?
Right now I’m mostly on Tumblr and Twitter and get all my info from there, but big ups to PreQuel Mag, Nice Kicks, Undefeated, High Snobiety, Freshness, and Vapors, I’m always into what they got to say.

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